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The Purposeful Leadership Assessment Certification

True leaders engage others to achieve organizational objectives. Yet, many leaders have blind spots when it comes to their strengths and weaknesses.

At Linkage, we empower leaders to understand their behavior through research-based assessment instruments. Among these instruments? The Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment, which is designed around the five core commitments purposeful leaders make to their stakeholders; Inspire, Engage, Innovate, Achieve, and Become. 

Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership Assessment Certification puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to administering this powerful tool with your leaders and clients. This online certification is designed to equip you with knowledge of Linkage’s research on Purposeful Leaders and enables you to debrief the Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment for your coachees and clients.

The Purposeful Leadership Assessment Certification

Coaches who complete the certification will be versed in:

  • Linkage’s Purposeful Leader® model, and the research behind it
  • The impact of being purposeful as a leader
  • How to talk to your leaders and clients about the model and assessment
  • How to unpack our proprietary report and the elements included in it
  • Strategic ways to approach the debrief with your coachee, and questions to engage them in their own self-discovery
  • Insight into how to position the assessment with your clients, the purchasing process, and best practices (external leadership development coaches only)


Who is it for?

Professional coaches with a background in executive and/or leadership coaching who have experience providing 360° results, which can include:

  • Talent development professionals seeking to empower their coachees with the foundational data needed to create substantive results
  • Talent development departments seeking to build internal proficiency with the Purposeful Leadership Assessment and the Linkage process
  • Organizations looking to equip their in-house talent development staff with the enhanced ability to provide executive coaching and leverage Linkage’s assessments at scale

Please note that participants must have a strong grasp of coaching fundamentals and experience debriefing a 360° assessment. 


Course Outline

Prework | Prepare for the Course

  • Take the Purposeful Leader Self-Assessment
  • Read the Purposeful Leader White Paper
  • Read the Purposeful Leader Technical Paper
  • Complete survey

Online Learning | Dive into the coursework

  • Webinar 1 – Purposeful Leader Model Overview (1 hour)
  • Webinar 2 – Assessment Report Overview (1 hour)
  • Webinar 3 – Coaching to the PLA: Debrief Strategies, Sales and Process Overview (1 hour)

Post-Certification Process | Start applying the insights

  • Launch first Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment
  • Debrief with PLA Specialist
  • Debrief with coachee
  • Client satisfaction survey

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