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Strategic HR Business Partner Certification Program

Step out of your HR comfort zone and explore what lies beyond the traditional HR role with this unique approach to HR training.

Strategic HR business partners assess the business differently, seeing new ways to evaluate and analyze data, building consulting capabilities, and creating strategic ways to impact the organization as a whole.

Discover your consulting abilities, learn how to look at the business through another lens, and explore ways to enhance your credibility and value within your organization. This three-day HR training workshop will take you out of your comfort zone and push you to explore the “what comes next” as a certified strategic HR business partner.

Strategic HR Business Partner Certification Program

What You Get

Though the workshop only lasts three days, your learning begins before and extends long after the session. Before you arrive, you’ll complete the Strategic HR Partner Assessment™; you’ll also come prepared to discuss a provided business case study.

During the HR training workshop, you’ll actively explore organizational strategy and the business side of your organization, enhance your HR expertise, and begin to build a foundation in strategic consulting. You’ll also

  • Gain a better understanding of the strategic consulting process
  • Take a deeper dive into financial metrics and analytics
  • Learn to pair business acumen with HR mastery and consulting skills
  • Better define your own initiatives to drive stronger outputs that enhance your credibility and impact

The workshop provides the certification, but the follow-on objectives provide opportunities for continued growth and improvement. For starters, after completing the workshop, you’ll develop your own real-life case study and engage in interactive development webinars.

Perfect for HR generalists, consultants, and specialists either transitioning or looking to transition into a new, strategic HR business partner role, this HR training workshop not only teaches skills and competencies, but also explores your individual potential while providing an opportunity to network with other transitioning HR professionals.

At a Glance

This offering is available to bring on-site to your organization.

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