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Purposeful Leadership (PL) Academy

Our research shows that the best leaders do things for a purpose and with a purpose. Purposeful leaders drive 2x more revenue growth, 4x more profit growth, and 9x more employee engagement.

Are you developing Purposeful Leaders?

Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership Academy is a three-day in-person learning experience consisting of 8 modules designed to elevate a leader’s capabilities in the critical areas associated with effective leadership.

Purposeful Leadership® is a lifelong journey filled with opportunities for reflection and growth. Participants in the Academy begin their journey to becoming more Purposeful Leaders which, over time, manifests itself through significant mindset and behavioral changes.

What’s included in the Academy:

  • 3 day in-person learning experience
  • Purposeful Leadership Assessment
  • Individual Growth Plan
  • Participant playbook
  • Commitments card deck
  • Purposeful Leadership Board Game (in teams)
Purposeful Leadership (PL) Academy


Our research shows that there are five commitments Purposeful Leaders make to themselves, their teams and their organizations. These five commitments are the basis for Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership Model and the key modules in the Purposeful Leadership Academy. Each module is carefully designed to address each commitment in-depth through experiential, hands-on exercises and practical case studies—both of which allow for immediate on-the-job application.

Module 1 | Introduction to Purposeful Leadership

  • Recognize the Commitments that Purposeful Leaders make
  • Describe Purposeful Leadership, its benefits and components (Commitments, Practices and Skills)

Module 2 | Purposeful Leadership Assessment

  • Read and interpret your Purposeful Leadership Assessment report
  • Begin to develop an Individual Growth Plan that calls upon your strengths and mitigate your challenges

Module 3 | Become

  • Discern your true leadership principles and purpose as a leader
  • Clarify what motivates you (your Personal “Why”)
  • Reflect on the Dilemmas you've managed in the past and how they might be informed by the Purposeful Leadership model

Module 4 | Inspire

  • Reflect on an aspirational and detailed view of your desired future state
  • Practice methods of expressing your vision in a way that captivates and motivates

Module 5 | Engage

  • Learn to build enduring human connections and inclusive practices to foster engagement
  • Practice giving feedback, support and guidance to achieve better performance

Module 6 | Innovate

  • Identify the leadership dilemmas inherent to building a culture of innovation
  • Uncover innovation opportunities through shifts in mindset, perspective, systems, and processes

Module 7 | Achieve

  • Create context for high performance through personal leadership principles
  • Refine your coaching style for greater individual and team motivation

Module 8 | Becoming a Purposeful Leader

  • Refine your holistic Individual Growth Plan
  • Close the day with a team challenge grounded in the five commitments


Expand your impact and train your leaders to facilitate and license Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership Academy.

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