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Powerful Conversations

What if you could learn to engage others in difficult conversations? These very dialogues offer the opportunity to forge powerful solutions and resolutions to long-standing and unresolved differences. If you are holding off on talking with someone to solve or resolve a topic that is keeping you or your team members from doing your best at work, then you are ready to learn how to turn difficult conversations into powerful conversations.

This workshop provides field-tested tools and a straightforward, proven methodology for engaging in and facilitating authentic and constructive conversations.

Powerful Conversations

What You Get

  • Address and resolve differing points of view constructively
  • Discover how to proactively discuss the topics that could empower you to succeed
  • Learn how to communicate in a clear, consistent and forward-moving manner
  • Transform difficult conversations into powerful interchanges

At a Glance

This offering is available to bring on-site to your organization as a 1 or 2 day workshop.

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