Purposeful Leadership (PL) Virtual Sessions


Purposeful Leadership (PL) Virtual Sessions

84% of organizations expect a shortfall of leaders in the next five years.

Are you accelerating leaders at your organization to meet this shortfall?

Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership® Virtual Sessions: Exploring Purposeful Leadership, delivered as a four- or eight-module virtual learning experience designed to empower your leaders with a core understanding of Purposeful Leadership—with the goal of creating better, more effective leaders.

Through interactive online experiences, exclusive case studies, and activities that empower participants to begin to apply what they have learned to the workplace, Linkage’s PL Virtual Sessions will begin your leaders on a path of acceleration.

Purposeful Leadership (PL) Virtual Sessions


Participants will:

  • Describe the benefits of being a Purposeful Leader
  • Recognize the mindset and actions/behaviors present in Purposeful Leadership
  • Identify actions to take to become more purposeful as a leader


Who’s it for?
Designed for leaders, from manager to executive level, who aspire to greater leadership opportunities.

How can I enhance the learning experience for my leaders?

Filled with unique content and learning outcomes, PL Virtual Sessions are a natural complement to Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership Academy or Linkage’s Global Institute for Leadership Development®, in-person, immersive learning experiences designed to empower leaders through hands-on, applied learning.


What's Included:

  • Four or eight 60-minute modules, delivered as a synchronous virtual learning experience
  • Participant playbook


Each module is grounded in Linkage’s original research on Purposeful Leadership, which shows that purposeful leaders drive 2x the revenue, 4x profit growth, and 9x higher employee engagement, and can be delivered in any order

Module 1 | Orienting to Purposeful Leadership*
Recognize the elements of the Purposeful Leadership Model. Identify the five commitments Purposeful Leaders make to stakeholders and describe how each contributes to becoming a Purposeful Leader.

Module 2 | Purposeful Leadership Skills
Explore how leaders can use the Purposeful Leadership skills when faced with achieving complex business goals. By focusing on one skill, learning agility, leaders discover how to identify actionable techniques and tools they can use to balance competing priorities and the decisions associated with them.

Module 3 | Become Commitment*
Focus your inner journey to Purposeful Leadership by aligning your personal “why” to your organization’s “what for.” Learn about the five challenges all leaders struggle with, reflect on which resonate with you, and leverage this self-awareness to become a more effective leader.

Module 4 | Inspire Commitment
What makes for a truly inspirational leader? Explore how a leader can create opportunities for inspiration by providing a clear vision for the future. Learn how to articulate bold and evocative goals to achieve a desired future state.

Module 5 | Engage Commitment: Build Enduring Human Connections
Recognize the importance of fully engaging your team by building trust and surfacing others’ personal motivations. Begin brainstorming a plan to engage every member of your team in meaningful ways.

Module 6 | Engage Commitment: Foster a Work Environment that Encourages Diverse Thinking
Explore the value of diverse thinking in the workplace. Examine the importance of having a network that allows access to varied thinking and begin to reflect on your own network and identify steps you could take to broaden it.

Module 7 | Innovate Commitment
Explore how to create and support innovation in your workplace. Use a framework to identify opportunities for innovation and improvement in your organization and describe how you might address those unique scenarios.

Module 8 | Achieve Commitment
Explore the importance of using rewards and recognition to foster achievement. Explore the neuroscience behind recognition work and examine best practices on how to implement this practice with your team.

*Special note for 4-module package: This module is required if participants have not attended either Linkage’s Global Institute for Leadership Development (GILD) or Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership Academy.


Explore virtual learning to accelerate leaders at your organization.
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