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Linkage Innovation Academy

Strengthen your organization’s current and future leaders through a premier leadership development experience.

The objective of the Linkage Innovation Academy is to create master practitioners of Innovation throughout all areas of an organization in a high-impact, low-risk way. Participants learn sustainable, repeatable innovation processes and how to create the right environment for innovation to occur on demand. The Innovation Academy develops essential innovation competencies and skills, introduces proven global best practices, and inspires personal commitment to growth through innovation.

This immersion program integrates the best learning methods employed by executive education programs to deliver accelerated leadership growth.

Linkage Innovation Academy

What You Get

Attendees will participate in a premier leadership experience providing them tools to not only innovate but to create a culture that supports innovation. Participants will be immersed in a simulation to understand the mental process and model for successful innovation practices as used by IDEO. After the foundation for an innovative event has been built, the participants will experience an extensive skill-building session that brings both Clayton Christensen and Steven Shapiro’s thought leadership to life.

Through this unique immersion program, attendees will

  • Become master practitioners of innovation throughout all areas of their organizations
  • Learn easy-to-apply tools and safer techniques to increase the speed of innovation within their organizations
  • Identify ways to stay ahead of their competition by building a culture that innovates in a high-impact, low-risk way
  • Gain a renewed personal commitment to growth and innovation to start making the impossible possible

Who Should Attend

There are three different types of participants who will benefit

  1. Organizational leaders who want to learn the exact steps to innovation and how to bring them back to the organization
  2. Teams or department leaders who are looking to bring innovation to their product line or processes to improve efficiencies
  3. HR/LD/OD professionals looking for new ideas to impact innovation in their organization differentially

At a Glance

This offering is available to bring on-site to your organization as a workshop.

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