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Decisive Leadership

Today’s leaders face increasing pressure to make decisions more often and more quickly than ever before. To make tough choices, leaders may need to operate outside of their comfort zone. Leaders must be able to differentiate between decision types, and apply situationally appropriate methods and tools. Expert decision makers also build capacity by making a practice of capturing and sharing learning from key decisions.

This workshop will help participants make better decisions with real buy-in, enabling implementation and results. Gain new perspectives on the decision challenges you face and discover how to build broader decision-making skills for yourself and across the organization.


Decisive Leadership

What You Get

  • Identify critical factors in making solid decisions
  • Tap into creative and experimental approaches to enhance the quality of decisions
  • Assess decision-making preferences, and identify traps and biases
  • Apply tools to analyze, conceptualize, and gain hands-on insight into effective decision making

At a Glance

This offering is available to bring on-site to your organization as a 1 or 2 day workshop.

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