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Advancing Women Leaders (AWL) Virtual Sessions

Women leaders are 7x more likely to be highly engaged if they are encouraged to take on growth opportunities.

What growth opportunities are you offering your female talent?

Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders™ Virtual Sessions: Exploring the Inner Critic and 7 Hurdles to Advancement, delivered as a four- or eight-module virtual learning experience designed to empower women leaders to recognize the hurdles that impede their advancement in the workplace—and help them identify tools and best practices to help overcome these barriers.

Through interactive online learning experiences, exclusive case studies, and activities that empower participants to begin to apply what they have learned to their workplaces, Linkage’s AWL Virtual Sessions will begin your leaders on a path of professional growth.

Advancing Women Leaders (AWL) Virtual Sessions


Participants will:

  • Recognize and describe the 7 hurdles women must scale to achieve equality and advancement, particularly at higher levels of the organization
  • Identify tools and best practices women can take to overcome these hurdles and the competencies essential for women to ascend to leadership
  • Become a positive force for equality, authenticity, and leadership


Who’s it for?

Designed for women leaders, from emerging to senior level, who aspire to greater leadership opportunities.

How can I enhance the learning experience for my leaders?

Filled with unique content and learning outcomes, AWL Virtual Sessions are a natural complement to Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders Academy or Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute, in-person, immersive learning experiences designed to empower women leaders through hands-on, applied learning.


What's Included:

  • Four or eight 60-minute modules, delivered as a synchronous virtual learning experience
  • Participant playbook



Grounded in Linkage’s 20 years of research in advancing women, each module addresses a unique obstacle women face as they advance and can be delivered in any order.

Module 1 | Foundations of Advancing Women Leaders*
Begin to identify and understand the Inner Critic and seven hurdles to advancement—and the competencies needed to overcome them. Gain the knowledge needed to become an advocate for the advancement of women leaders at all levels of the organization.

Module 2 | Bias*
Explore the effects of implicit bias on the advancement of women and identify the biases keeping women leaders from advancing. Discover questions that will unlock curiosity and help mitigate bias in the workplace.

Module 3 | Clarity
If you don’t know where you want to go, how can you get there? Recognize the importance of clarity when it comes to the advancement of women leaders. Experience a guided exercise focused on creating a clear and compelling future work state vision for the next 2-3 years.

Module 4 | Proving Your Value
Explore the double bind of self-promotion for women and recognize the importance of the shift from doing it all to influencing, inspiring, and equipping others for success. Identify best practices for publicizing your value as a leader.

Module 5 | Recognized Confidence
Recognize the difference between confidence and worthiness and begin to identify the symptoms and causes of imposter syndrome through a webinar-exclusive case study.

Module 6 | Branding and Presence
Recognize the importance of your personal brand and begin to identify disconnects between our ideal personal brand and how others perceive us. Begin to explore your personal brand through an out-of-the-box activity using emojis.

Module 7 | Making the Ask
How can women leaders effectively advocate for their own advancement? Understand the biases against women in the workplace and identify tools and best practices for effective negotiation and advocacy. Experience a webinar-exclusive guided exploration of the principles of persuasion, which include reciprocity, scarcity, authority, liking, consistency, and consensus.

Module 8 | Networking
Understand the importance of networking as a tool for advancement, and begin to assess your networks—operational, strategic, and personal.

*Special note for 4-module package: This module is required if participants have not attended either Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute or Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders Academy.

Explore virtual learning to empower and advance your women leaders.
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