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Culture shift starts with your leadership.

In today’s ever-changing landscape and increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s not enough to simply identify a handful of high-performing leaders and promote them—or even to give them differential development experiences.

Instead, organizations must boldly move toward a total cultural transformation by creating a culture of leadership that extends from the highest ranks of executive leadership all the way to their line managers.

What does a culture of leadership look like?

A culture of leadership is a common language about effective leadership and the best practices that make up a truly committed and effective leader. It’s a standard definition of leadership to unite your teams around. And, above all, it’s a culture that actively identifies, develops and then rewards and promotes the high-potential leaders who are pivotal to the overall success of the organization.

When organizations deploy meaningful commitments to the assessment and development of these high-potential leaders, they send a clear message: “This is a great place to work.”

Transform Your Workplace Culture

Assess My Talent Identify the high-potential leaders who will take your organization to the next level—and then use their invaluable insights to inform your leadership development strategy.

Advancing Women Leaders Organizational Assessment
Focus your organization's efforts in the areas that will be most impactful when it comes to advancing women leaders.
Purposeful Leadership® 360° Assessment
Assess your leaders in the five core commitments the most effective leaders make to their stakeholders: Inspire, Engage, Innovate, Achieve and Become.

Strategically Develop My Leaders Bring a culture of leadership to your organization by delivering the latest in leadership development best practices and techniques directly to your high-performing leaders.

Advancing Women Leaders Academy
Give women leaders access to strategically targeted skill-building exercises, simulations, case studies through a three-day in-person learning experience consisting of 8 modules.
Purposeful Leadership® Academy
Elevate the capabilities of your leaders in the critical areas associated with effective leadership through a three-day in-person learning experience consisting of 8 modules.
Face-to-Face or Digital
Leading with a Mindset of Inclusion for Executives
Designed specifically for executive leaders, equip senior leadership with the knowledge and skills to create cultures of inclusion. Available 100% virtually or on-site at your organization.

Scale to Reach Even More Leaders Take your cultural transformation and turn it into a revolution by scaling to reach every leader at your organization.

Train-the-Trainer: Linkage Academies
Prepare your human resources, talent development professionals and other business leaders to serve as facilitators of our Academies—empowering you to make progressive leadership practices available to every leader at your organization in an efficient, effective delivery method.
Digital Leadership Development
Purposeful Leadership® Essentials
For your organization: Bring a self-paced digital learning program designed to equip your organization's leaders with the essentials of the research-backed Purposeful Leadership model.
Digital Leadership Development
Advancing Women Leaders Essentials
Discover a self-paced digital learning program designed to equip women leaders with the skills and tools they need to advance.

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Culture Transformation, One Leader at a Time

Move beyond simple leadership development to create a seismic cultural shift.

At Linkage, we understand that the development of individual leaders, especially women and other underrepresented groups, is most effective when coupled with a strategy to shift the culture to one that truly supports their advancement. We have 30 years of experience partnering with organizations to do just that.

Create a common leadership language, together.

It is integral that every member of your team speaks the same language when it comes to leadership. Linkage’s research-backed Advancing Women Leaders and Purposeful Leadership philosophy is grounded in years of research, and has been effectively implemented by hundreds of organizations.

Rise to the challenges of today, right now.

Organizations can’t wait another moment before taking bold action to transform their workplace cultures to meet the needs of a growing and diverse workplace population. Linkage understands the needs organizations face, and delivers leadership development programming designed to help you scale and meet those demands.

When we started this work, we didn’t have a women’s story to tell…. Now, we have that story.

Elaine Stokes Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Loomis Sayles

We have retained Linkage for succession, progression and development work at the C-suite level. They have delivered every time.

Chris Fowler CEO, Canadian Western Bank

Through our partnership with Linkage, I believe we are now stronger, more dynamic and more resilient. We are ready to lead IIE into the next century.

A. Sarah Ilchman Director, Student Exchanges, Institute of International Education

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