Tara Swart


Dr Tara Swart is at the forefront of the application of neuroscience to business, is an award winning author, and speaks globally on the brain in business at international conferences, blue chip corporations and at top business schools including Oxford, Stanford, and MIT, where she is Senior Lecturer and runs the Neuroscience for Leadership and Applied Neuroscience programs.

Tara is the only speaker, consultant, and leadership coach with a PhD in neuroscience and a successful career as medical doctor behind her.

This unique combination of experience comes together to create an uncompromising impact on performance optimisation in global businesses. Tara is passionate about disseminating simple, pragmatic neuroscience-based messages that change the way people work and sustainably translate to tangible financial improvement in the business.

Dr Swart is an Advisory Board member for EFG Asset Management Future Leaders panel, Peak Health, Switzerland, and Arowana International, where she is Chief Neuroscience Officer.

Tara is author of three diverse books—‘The Source – Open Your Mind, Change Your Life’‘Neuroscience for Leadership’, and ‘An Attitude for Acting’. In addition to regularly being in the press, she is a columnist at Forbes, Fast Company, and Harpers Bazaar.

Dr Swart’s research areas include Organisational Plasticity, Epigenetics and Epi-Cultures, Human-AI Interface Technology, and Resilient Ageing.

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