Shirley Milgrom

Director of Learning Architecture

About Shirley:

Shirley Milgrom is the Director of Learning Architectures at Linkage, where she oversees the creation of Linkage’s learning experiences. These experiences cover a wide variety of platforms, from in-person Academies, to virtual webinars, to complete online learning packages. Shirley has created learning experiences in the Leadership arena for the past 20 years.  Fortune 100 companies she has worked with include: GM, Toyota, FedEx, Freddie Mac and Disney.

She has also studied dance, yoga, and movement philosophies such as Feldenkrais and Alexander in order to understand how movement and thought work together to create change and growth. Shirley’s current focus is Inclusion as a facet of Purposeful Leadership, focusing on helping leaders to recognize how they can take advantage of the wide array of talent and experience in their organizations.

Background and Experience:

Before entering the corporate world, Shirley taught in public schools and Universities in Minnesota and New York.

Education and Training:

Shirley has been interested in how humans learn her entire life. Her undergraduate education was at the University of Minnesota where she earned a BA and a BS in English Literature and English Education. Her graduate work was in the field of Psycholinguistics at New York University.

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