McKenna Montenegro

Former Customer Success Manager

About McKenna:

McKenna Montenegro is a former Customer Success Manager at Linkage, where she is responsible for partnering on the management of large-scale strategic accounts. She has nearly seven years of experience in client services, with a background in the fields of healthcare and education. She focuses on relationship development, vision execution, and helping clients achieve meaningful goals within their organizations.

Background & Experience:

McKenna’s area of expertise includes holistically navigating unchartered or complex engagements while innovating and working to achieve a desired business outcome. With a history in education, her approach is to always be a learner and to seek continued growth and development for herself and her team.

Prior to Linkage, McKenna worked at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA, as the campus Wellness Programming Coordinator. During her time there, she spearheaded the program management of the inaugural annual Independent Secondary School Health and Wellness Summit and assisted with development of the student and faculty wellness programming and curriculum. She also worked in outpatient physical therapy facilities as an Operations Manager and in direct patient care.

Education & Training:

McKenna has a Bachelor of Science in kinesiology from Gordon College.

McKenna's Insights

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