Maureen Graney

Former Director of Strategic Accounts

About Maureen:

Maureen Graney was a former Director of Strategic Accounts at Linkage, where she connects clients with the solutions and ideas they need to achieve leadership excellence in their organizations.

Recognizing good ideas when she sees them, Maureen knows that Linkage’s approach has a powerful beneficial impact on our clients and their bottom lines.

She is passionate about the power of Linkage’s toolkit of assessments, research, Academies, Institutes, on-site programming, executive coaching, and new virtual options, and her goal is to bring our solutions to all organizations that recognize the value in advancing their leaders.

Background and Experience:

Prior to joining Linkage, Maureen worked in corporate consulting. During that time, she did solution selling in sectors as diverse as engineering consulting, sustainability consulting, business process outsourcing, healthcare and financial services. In a prior career as editor-in-chief in the book business, she published several best sellers.

Education and Training:

Maureen has a BA in German language and literature from Fordham University, an MA in education from Hunter College, CUNY, and has completed coursework toward an MBA at Northeastern University.

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