Jeremy Grogono

Linkage Affiliate Consultant, Executive Coach


​About Jeremy:

Jeremy Grogono is a Linkage Affiliate Consultant, executive coach and facilitator, and has spent 20 years building and delivering training and coaching programs in the aviation hub of Dubai. He has worked passionately within a global organization that employs over 100 nationalities—nurturing and empowering a diverse body of candidates to thrive as individuals and within high-performing teams.

Background & Experience:

Jeremy served as a Lieutenant with the Royal Navy from 1989 to 1998, and worked as the UK air liaison officer as part of the United Nations Protection Force in Bosnia. This role offered experience within a multicultural organization, allowing him to build effective training programs for the pilots and personnel engaged in the humanitarian role.

As a senior instructor and human factors specialist within Emirates Airline, Jeremy spent his aviation career investing in leadership development for individuals on their pathway to command, creating excellent leaders and managers in the unique challenges of aviation.

Jeremy is currently a Senior Consultant at Sladen Consulting, offering executive coaching both to individuals and intact teams. As an expert facilitator, he strives to make experiences engaging, enthusiastic and fruitful by encouraging participation, dialogue and, most importantly, fun.

Education & Training:

Jeremy is certified as a Human Factors CRM instructor, a DISC and SDI 2.0 qualified practitioner, and is ORSC RSI qualified. He is a certified helicopter instructor and an Airbus Type Rated examiner and instructor. Jeremy earned a BSc (Hons) from the University of Wales, Cardiff.

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