Jeff Duffield

Director, Product Management

About Jeff:

Jeff Duffield is a Director of Product Management and is working to advance a number of Linkage’s product areas, including Change and Transition and building out the Linkage Digital Platform. Jeff has a love for product management and leadership development, and is excited to bring those two domains together at Linkage.

Background and Experience:

Prior to joining Linkage, Jeff spent time in consulting at Monitor Group (now Monitor Deloitte) and in ecommerce at both Wayfair and Vistaprint. At Vistaprint, Jeff was Vice President of Service Strategy, Products, Experience and Operations and had the pleasure of leading teams across four continents—bringing new products to market and leading the learning organization responsible for employee and leader development.

Education and Training:

Jeff holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in operations research and industrial engineering from Cornell University.

Jeff's Insights

Fostering Belonging with Your Virtual Teams

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