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Team Effectiveness

Many people manage a team— but very few lead one.

Effective teams start and end with effective leaders.

Madelyn Yucht

Lead Strategist, Team Effectiveness

 “Advancing diverse leaders and creating an inclusive culture are not individual efforts; they’re symbiotic. Inclusive leaders develop inclusive cultures—and inclusive cultures foster stronger leaders and teams that drive exponential results.”


90% of Teams Underperform—Are You Leading the 10%?

At the most basic level, teams succeed when they deliver on their set objectives. But could your team be doing more than just “making it”? All too often, teams are built based on individual talents and skill sets; but managing “good” functional teams and building great peak performance teams are two different things—and the difference lies in the team leader.

Few team leaders get it right; most over- or under-manage and under- or over-lead. But when the leader pays attention to all of the critical levers, teams quickly thrive, building synergy, discovering new opportunities, and working effectively to not just accomplish objectives, but to exceed them. The important news is that leading and being a member of a peak-performance team is teachable.

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Don’t Miss Thursday’s Webinar | Leading through Difference – Kwame Jackson’s Journey towards Inclusion over Bias

May 21, 2019, Rachael Marangu

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Teach Your Leaders to Lead. Teaching your leaders to lead, rather than just manage, is the first step toward your teams’ transformations. But the weight of success isn’t all on the leader—team members also need to learn how to thrive with that leader, as well as with one another.

Teach the Team How to Work Together. Our distinct approach develops teams from all sides, honing individual talents and strengths while teaching leaders the science behind creating not just any team, but an effective team.

Teach Your Team New Skills or Strengthen Existing Skills. Fine tune your team’s engine with customized programs, assessments, workshops, and more.

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