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Women in Leadership

Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders (TED video)

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg looks at why a smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their professions

A Conversation with Barbara Mintzer-McMahon, CEO of the Center for Transitional Management, and the managing director of the Alexcel Group

Linkage’s Seth Resler sat down with Barbara Mintzer-McMahon, the CEO of the Center for Transitional Management, and the managing director of the Alexcel Group, a global network of coaches and consultants at Linkage’s 2010 Women in Leaderhip Summit.

Free Webinar Recording: Becoming a Woman of Influence

In 2010, Selena Rezvani moderated our keynote panel discussion at the Women in Leadership Summit in San Francisco. She is the author of The Next Generation of Women Leaders: What You Need to Lead but Won’t Learn in Business School. Here is another chance to view this powerful webinar by her.

From Employee to Entrepreneur to Leader: One Step at a Time

In looking back, much of the success of TechProse, the company I founded in 1982, came from a desire to break out of the constraints I had seen as a corporate employee and create a workplace that was more in harmony with my personal ideas about how a business should run. How did this occur and what about it might be applicable for you?

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Lisa Ling Talks about Women and Leadership

In anticipation of her keynote address at the 2010 Women in Leadership Summit, Linkage sat down for an intimate conversation with Lisa Ling, the internationally-known journalist, special correspondent to the Oprah Winfrey Show, the first woman host of National Geographic Explorer. Topics ranged from the role of women in leadership today to here sister’s captivity in North Korea to her new television show, Inside with Lisa Ling.

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