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Leaders: Let’s Train (Not Just Try). Here’s Why.

We try really hard most of the time. And working hard is table stakes for most. But doing whatever it takes is simply not enough. We need focused attention on improving what matters the most. This practical real-life metaphor has worked for me, and for our team—when it comes to producing results.

Look for Examples of Leadership in the World Around You

This is the fourth story in our “Leaders Who Inspire Us” series. In these candid one-on-one interviews, we will feature senior leaders who are doing more than a job—they are fulfilling a personal mission to drive change.

The power of finding your purpose

In this candid one-on-one interview, we’re sharing one leader’s remarkable journey about finding purpose, building a shared vision for the future, and creating an environment where everyone plays a role in the success of the organization.

How to keep high-performing teams performing

Even successful teams get off track. Many high-performing teams that work well day-to-day don’t do so well when the game changes or stress goes up.

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Teams usually fail from the top down

If athletes have the talent to succeed, and the team still falls short, something must be wrong with the people in charge. According to recent data from Linkage’s research on team effectiveness, a similar pattern may apply to most business teams.

Leadership lessons from the Super Bowl

When considering any opportunity, leaders and managers should apply the same diligence to assessing success (the opportunity) as they do in assessing failure (the risk) using specific tools and disciplines.

How to avoid death by meetings

There are many boring strategies for running productive meetings, but can’t we come up with something more . . . engaging? Richard Branson and Pactrick Lencioni have some ideas.

What Motivates Gen Y and Boomer Talent

Sylvia Ann Hewlett explains how companies can re-engage and re-energize their stars for future growth.

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