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Turning a Team Orange: What a 350,000-person study can teach us about building a high-performance team culture

Great teams share a belief in their own ability to write the future (…) It was this very type of belief in themselves, rather than their leaders, that saved the lives of one breakthrough team in the middle of the Indian Ocean seven years ago. Like most crises, no one saw it coming. And yet when water started rushing through the submarine’s hull, Able Seaman Geordie Bunting of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) knew enough to realize that he was probably going to die (…) In the midst of the crisis that threatened their lives, the Aussie crew acted like a real team, the kind that makes us tear up in movies and throw our popcorn into the air at football games. No one argues with that. But let’s examine that statement more closely. What did they do, exactly, that proved their teamwork?

Ten Tips for Accelerating Your Team's Execution

Over time, individual teams and whole organizations establish a standard pace. This pace can easily become unnecessarily lethargic. The trick is to regulate the pace, keeping it as high as possible without provoking burn-out. Executing at a brisk pace keeps your team energetic and fresh. Here are ten acceleration strategies that can help you and your team pick up the pace.

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