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How do you “form” a leader?

Are you “developing” leaders for shortsighted goals or “forming” them for the long term?

Academy Award-winner Geena Davis will co-chair our Women in Leadership Institute

Geena Davis has seen the impact our Women in Leadership Institute can make on the lives and careers of women, and she’s going to be presenting at this year’s event in Phoenix, Arizona, from November 2-5.

Women in leadership: Stop underestimating yourselves!

Ever wonder how accurately women measure their own strengths? Recent Linkage research suggests, not very well. In fact research shows that women routinely underestimate the caliber of their skills and strengths…

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Courageous Women Can Make It To The Top!

Too often women allow the emotion of fear to keep them from engaging in the conversations needed to build value, manage expectations, address contentious issues and expand our network of influence.

Don’t Expect Office Life to be Fair with Marshall Goldsmith

GILD faculty member and Women in Leadership Institute keynote speaker, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith recently posted an article titled, Stop Looking for Logic in Businessweek.

Marshall Goldsmith reflects on Steve Jobs’ first resignation

As a world-renowned executive coach, Goldsmith discusses five things Tim Cook must do to achieve success in the shadow of Steve Jobs and how Cook and Apple must work hard to (re)establish a company identity outside of the Steve Jobs days. To read the full interview, click here>>

Lessons learned: Deloitte’s women’s initiative comes full circle

Our women’s initiative started in 1993 , and it was really a response to what we discovered when we looked at our talent pool.  Being a professional services firm, our talent is our main asset, and we had always done a good job of attracting the best talent from universities around the world.

However, we were not successful at retaining and developing female talent. In 1993, women represented only seven percent of Deloitte’s partnership, even though we had been recruiting women and men at the same rate for over a decade. To find out why women were so underrepresented among our leadership, we examined our workforce demographics.  What we discovered was that women were leaving our organization at a significantly higher rate than men.

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