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New Linkage Intensive takes the confusion out of inclusion

We’ve taken the complexity out of engagement and created a clear, practical, and behavioral approach to leading inclusively. And we’ve created Linkage’s Intensive on Leading Inclusively. It’s a 2-1/2-day experiential workshop specifically designed to help leaders acquire new insights, behaviors, and skills that will lead to being more inclusive and more successful.

What are you good at?

Do you have the skills and knowledge it takes to excel at organizing people and improve organizational effectiveness?

Do Women Shy Away from Promotions?

According to a McKinsey study, “women get 53% of entry level jobs and “make it to ‘the belly of the beast’ in large numbers.” But then “female presence” drops sharply, “to 35% at the director level, 24% among senior vice presidents and 19% in the C-suite.”

Are you a ‘resilient’ leader?

When it comes to building resiliency into an organization, you can’t communicate too much, too often, or too clearly.

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Ilene Lang on how too few women hurts business

From, Catalyst CEO Ilene H. Lang discusses a new Catalyst study that shows few women make it to the top of the Fortune 500 companies and this low turnout hurts business.

Suzanne Bates on Building Your Leadership Brand

In essence, a brand is a thought (accompanied by a feeling) that lives in the mind of another person.  Your brand is the shorthand way people think about you. 

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