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The Secrets of Innovative Teams (video)

In this short video, innovation guru Stephen Shapiro explains how a Midwestern company that makes relatively mundane products has grown into a highly innovative, 100 Billion-dollar-a-year company.

Why Statistics Kill Innovation…And What You Can Learn From Vegas Card Counters

Which will help your business be more successful: statistics or probability?

3 Barriers to Innovation (video)

What are the barriers to innovation that you’re running up against in your organization?

Are customers at the heart of your innovation strategy?

This post continues our series of video interviews with innovation thought leader and author of Best Practices Are Stupid and Personality Poker, Stephen Shapiro.

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21 Innovation Essentials for Organizations

How do you and your organization measure up?

What are the three barriers to Innovation? (video)

Our Regional Vice President and Principal Consultant Ron Porter discusses three major barriers to innovation in an organization.

Three Innovation Distinctions (Part 3) by Stephen Shapiro

I recently attended a meeting with a group of extremely successful entrepreneurs in Las Vegas. I was a bit of an outlier as my background is mainly with large, multi‐billion dollar businesses. Everyone else in the room came from the…

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