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QuadraMed’s Custom Leadership Program Develops Stronger Leaders and Bottom-Line Results

QuadraMed® believes patient health and safety should never be at risk because of improper identification or fragmented records. Their master person indexing and identity authentication processes simplify patient matching so health systems can provide the right treatments to the right patients with confidence.

Reinforcing a Culture of Accountability

Organic growth, potential acquisitions, and innovative business models led QuadraMed’s senior leadership team to place a critical, strategic priority on leadership development. But more than standard development, the company’s CEO wanted to better equip QuadraMed’s leaders to deliver strong bottom-line results—and also produce real behavioral change within the organization.

A hands-on, customized leadership program was the ticket to drive and reinforce a culture of accountability and leadership development—and so, QuadraMed’s Leadership Academy was born.

Tying learning to real business objectives, 40 leaders engaged in four Linkage-customized sessions over a 12-month period. Each session within the leadership program focused on a critical aspect of leadership development and engaged participants via a combination of presentations, individual assessments, group and individual exercises, simulations, live skill practices, reflection and development time, and team building.

  • Session 1: Utilize personality assessment reports, define leadership approach, solidify leadership agenda, and discover tools to enhance effectiveness and high-impact relationships
  • Session 2: Learn to become a successful leader by clarifying mission, developing blueprint for success, and clearly defining roles and responsibilities
  • Session 3: Improve leadership competence via coaching and new tools, develop strategy to evaluate and drive team performance
  • Session 4: Explore high-performing teams and how to strengthen them; create strategic action plan to build trust with key stakeholders

Creating Results that Produce Ongoing Success

QuadraMed created a greater leadership capability at the executive level while also developing a strong leadership pipeline and better communication at all levels. The new, integrated, systemic approach to leadership development aligns with the business strategy, producing a clear path for all employees and stronger results across the organization.

By building leaders at the top and teaching them how to develop their teams, QuadraMed was able to improve results for both the immediate and foreseeable future. Strong executives develop strong future leaders—and that produces ongoing results and successes.

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