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Creating Purposeful Leaders with Dentsply Sirona

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Dentsply and Sirona joined forces in 2016, to become Dentsply Sirona, the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental solutions. Their trusted brands have empowered dental professionals, in both practices and laboratories, to provide better, safer, and faster care in all dental disciplines for over 100 years.

Now, working together under one brand globally, Dentsply Sirona is dedicated to continuing this journey for many years to come. As one company, they have unmatched scale and resources and are committed to using them to continue driving innovation and helping dental professionals achieve more than ever before.

A Commitment to Creating Purposeful Leaders, Internally

Dentsply Sirona knows that building a strong leadership pipeline is vital to the future, and they made a commitment that they wanted to do this internally. Realizing the importance of this, they partnered with Linkage to create the Purposeful Leadership Essentials Program—a program geared toward high-potential leaders nominated by their managers or peers.

The goal was to support their developing leaders by providing guidance, direction, an open forum for communication, and most importantly, a sense of purpose. Dentsply Sirona knows that Purposeful Leaders are successful leaders, and the values of Purposeful Leadership resonated with them.

To effectively lead with purpose, leaders need to make commitments to the people that follow them. These commitments are: Inspire, Engage, Innovate, Achieve and Become. To do this, program participants were encouraged to self-reflect on what was working and what wasn’t, how they were communicating, and how could they think differently to impact products and their associates.

The value that we get from the Linkage program is tremendous. We were, from the onset, drawn to the Purposeful Leadership model. It really resonates with the values that we think are important in terms of developing talent. It’s really about making a leader become whole so that they can more effectively lead their teams.

Laurie Reader

Vice President, Talent Management, Dentsply Sirona

Vulnerability Is the Key to Growth

At first, participants were skeptical. To bring out conversation and grow as leaders, they needed to get vulnerable, which is not an easy ask. They soon saw that we were not teaching them how to lead, but rather making them consider what a leader is and what that means. This opened the conversation and enabled us to come up with some real takeaways for their leaders. One common theme between participants was that they wanted to be more thoughtful about the way they communicate. The realization that everyone, on all levels of an organization, is challenged and struggling with things hit home for many.

After the completion of this program, Dentsply Sirona now had a workforce of future leaders who were thinking about their purpose, how they could become whole as leaders so that in turn, they could effectively lead their teams. The goal of this program was to help the participants become better people in the context of their work, and by igniting the thought process of what their purpose as leaders meant to them, they were on their way.

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