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The technology sector is leading the way toward addressing our greatest challenges worldwide—and it needs strong leaders to get there.

Leaders in the technology space are whip-smart, thoughtful, lifelong learners with a competitive side. They also operate in an oftentimes volatile market, working on complex issues with a globally dispersed workforce, amid high-velocity competition. It makes for a truly unique culture—and an environment that can only be successful through effective leadership.

Research done by the Harvard Business Review finds that the long-term health of tech organizations is a function of the average lag time between identifying and discussing problems. And as tech companies focus on innovation and optimizing their product offering, leaders may never “lift out” and focus on the bigger picture. The first step to gaining critical perspective as an organization is to equip your leaders with the skills and personal insights they need to gain critical perspective on themselves.

Understanding our strengths and areas of opportunity as leaders helps us do better by our teams and our direct reports, ultimately creating a culture of continued success.

At Linkage, we are proud to work with executive leaders, talent development and human resources professionals at leading technology companies to develop and implement leadership development strategies that address the unique needs of this fast-paced field.

Explore our success stories with clients in the technology space to discover how Linkage’s leadership development programs, both within Purposeful Leadership and Advancing Women Leaders, have accelerated the advancement of leaders at these prestigious organizations.


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Accelerating Purposeful Leaders

In the high-velocity competition of the tech field, it’s more important than ever for leaders to rise to the challenge of effectively leading diverse and dispersed teams. Are leaders at your organization equipped with the skills they need to inspire, and not just direct?


Advancing Women Leaders

Don’t let your competition leave you in the dust by poaching your high-performing women leaders out from under you. Are you identifying and developing women leaders, readying them to fill key positions in your senior leadership ranks?


Redesigning Inclusion

Don’t let a focus on competition and innovation prevent you from creating the cultures of inclusion that will empower every member of your team to thrive. Business results happen when every team member is valued, and in a more diverse tech workforce than ever, inclusive leadership is critical. Are you empowering leaders at your organization to effectively lead across difference?

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