Partnering with Financial-Services Organizations to Accelerate Development of Leaders at a Critical Time

Financial services companies face continual industry shifts and critical talent management challenges.

Leaders in the financial sector are competitive, intellectual, and face constant pressure to succeed and outperform. In this environment, it takes a strong, savvy leader with a desire for constant growth to ensure not only success, but satisfaction across the organization.

Creating a culture of success for organizations in the financial sector requires innovation, engagement, and a commitment to invest in the future of their organization as a whole.

Leaders in the financial-services industry need differentiated leadership development focused on empowering them to be as effective and inclusive as they can be, to help them rise to the challenge of leading in a changing world.

Accelerating development of women leaders in critical areas

In the financial-services industry, gender parity isn’t an issue, as women account for more than 50% of the overall workforce. However, women in leadership roles continues to be a critical area of opportunity for organizations looking to achieve the better business outcomes associated with diverse leadership ranks.

According to a report co-authored by Deloitte and 100 Women in Finance, an industry association, women filled 21.9% of leadership positions at financial-services firms in 2019. While that proportion is projected to grow to 31% by 2030, organizations cannot afford to delay acting to accelerate women into key leadership positions.

Organizations must consider the following: According to separate Deloitte study, just six of the 107 largest public financial institutions in the U.S. had female CEOs in 2019. In the financial-services industry, more women in senior management serve in the focus areas of marketing, talent, administration, or legal, versus other core operating units. And nearly two-thirds of CEOs and half of senior leaders at financial institutions have overseen business lines – yet women account for only 9% of those positions.

It’s time for financial-services organizations to double down on their commitment to advancing the women in their ranks and diversifying their senior leadership ranks. Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders Signature Solution equips organizations with the assessments, virtual and in-person programming, and consulting necessary to move the needle.

Linkage is a trusted partner to the financial-services industry

With decades of experience working with leading organizations and firms in the finance industry, we are proud to support the acceleration of leaders in this space.

Explore our success stories with clients in the financial sector to discover how Linkage’s leadership development programs have accelerated the advancement of leaders at these prestigious organizations.


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Purposeful Leaders

In the fast-paced, competitive market of the financial industry, leaders need to rise to constant challenges. At the same time, they also need to create an environment where their team feels inspired, engaged and valued. Are leaders at your organization equipped with the tools they need to be truly purposeful?


Women Leaders

Keeping your high-performing women leaders at the table is critical to ensuring success and growth in this industry. Don’t wait until they are about to leave your organization to focus on their leadership journey. Make sure you identify and develop your women leaders, readying them to fill key positions in your senior leadership ranks.


Redesigning Inclusion

Don’t let the constant competition of the financial industry distract you from creating the cultures of inclusion that will empower every member of your team, and your organization as a whole, to thrive. Success happens when every team member feels valued and engaged, and in a more diverse financial workforce than ever, inclusive leadership is critical. Are you empowering leaders at your organization to effectively lead across difference?

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