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Leading the pack in a global marketplace is a challenge—especially with shifting customer loyalties and intense pressure from globalization.

What does it mean to be a successful leader in the consumer industry? Leaders in the consumer sector face tremendous challenges. From a shift toward digital commerce, to a general decline in overall brand loyalty, these leaders have to be adept at wearing many hats—and quickly changing course to adapt to changing markets and trends.

Running a consumer business effectively has unique challenges, and successful leaders in this space are adept at facing formidable challenges, like talent shortages, shareholders pushing for short-term results, and the intense pressures of globalization.

We have decades of experience partnering with leading organizations in the consumer packaged goods, retail, and hospitality and leisure sectors to develop and implement leadership development strategies for leaders of all levels.

Explore our success stories with clients in the consumer industry to discover how Linkage’s leadership development programs have accelerated the advancement of leaders at these prestigious organizations.


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Purposeful Leaders

Companies that develop leaders who do things for a purpose and with a purpose enjoy 2x stronger revenue growth, 4x profit growth and 9x employee engagement. These Purposeful Leaders rise to the challenges that abound in the consumer industry. Are you empowering your leaders to lead with purpose?


Women Leaders

Talent shortages are a reality in the consumer field—which makes it more important than ever for you to identify, develop, and retain the high-performing leaders who will help you edge out the competition. Are you equipped to retain women leaders at your organization?


Redesigning Inclusion

In a rapidly evolving industry, nothing is more valuable to you than the strength of your workforce. Are you creating cultures of inclusion that empower every member of your team to thrive and realize their full potential?

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