Change and Transition Quiz: How "FIT" is my team?

Discover if your team is prepared to take on change and transition successfully.

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As much as 66% of change initiatives fail or have mixed results because of poor execution, lack of support and ineffective communication.*

And in today’s constantly evolving and fast-paced workplace, it is more important than ever to understand if your teams are prepared and ready to thrive—even in the midst of intense change and transition.

*Gartner, 2018

In this 2-minute quiz, you will:

  • Gain key insights into the readiness of your team to deal with current change
  • Assess the overall readiness level of your team to accept and adapt to a current organizational change
  • Pinpoint specific issues or barriers preventing your team from readily accepting/adapting to a current change
  • Enable a dialogue with individuals on your team to uncover their personal barriers to change so that you can work with them to build trust and a plan of action

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