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Introducing Become: The Five Commitments of Purposeful Leadership, a new book from Leadership Expert Mark Hannum

The world’s greatest leaders focus on three critical things: they are committed to accomplishing something that matters; they articulate a vision that others embrace; and they demonstrate a series of five critical commitments to themselves and their teams.

In Become: The Five Commitments of Purposeful Leadership (McGraw-Hill Education), Mark Hannum, Chief Research Officer Emeritus at Linkage and a leading executive coach, consultant, practitioner and researcher in the leadership field, reveals the evidence-based secrets that have surfaced from vast data Linkage has collected on leadership effectiveness.


Mark Hannum is Chief Research Officer Emeritus at Linkage. An organization development consultant by training, Mark’s focus has been on understanding and improving executive processes and decision making.

Through his work with executive teams, leadership teams, and shared services organizations; his clients have credited him with helping them manage through difficult risks, improve business operations, lead and coach through acquisitions and integrations, and take advantage of growth opportunities.

Mark led Linkage’s most significant research effort to date, analyzing over 30 years of leadership data and more than 100,000 leadership assessments, which culminated in Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership® model and approach. The findings formed the foundation for Rethinking Leadership: The Power of Purpose.

Here's what the experts are saying about this must-have leadership guide:

Mark and Linkage have captured the secret sauce that until now has eluded leaders looking to grow and make a difference with their people and organizations. This will quickly become required reading for anyone seriously looking to BECOME a great leader!

Stu Cohen

Chief Strategy Officer, Ohio National Financial Services

Mark’s book distills over three decades of leadership research and insight from over a million leaders into a practical framework that we can use to get better every day.

Marshall Goldsmith

Leadership Educator & Thinkers 50 Award for #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

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