Redesigning Inclusion

A new vision for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Introducing a new results-focused approach to creating and sustaining inclusive leaders and creating an inclusive workforce.

Linkage’s Redesigning Inclusion Signature Solution empowers organizations to engage their leaders and their broader workforce in inclusion programming in ways that are research based, actionable and placed in the current context of organizational challenges.

This Signature Solution is designed to build and support a culture of inclusion where all employees thrive by offering programs to all levels of the organization to help impact leaders and the workforce and drive organizational change.

Are you ready to take new action for new results?

Combine individual and organizational assessments with inclusive learning programs—offered both in person and virtually—to address the most current and pressing challenges leaders face today. Utilize assessments and learning sessions with coaching and keynotes to create a transformative change in your leaders, workforce and organization.

Redesigning Inclusion is grounded in three approaches to inclusion:

  • Executive Sponsorship: Provide executives with the skills and mindset to sponsor underrepresented leaders to enhance the leadership pipeline.
  • Becoming an Inclusion Champion: Empower leaders and your workforce to champion inclusion within your organization.
  • Superpowers & Symphony: Created in partnership with architect and futurist Oshoke Abalu, Superpowers & Symphony empowers leaders at your organization to become change agents, who lead with heart, and equips your employees with key tools, a better understanding and a new language around inclusion.

This Signature Solution provides a pathway to success by focusing on factors that yield impactful, scalable and sustainable outcomes, including:

  • Data-driven decisions: Our leadership assessment empowers leaders to use data to improve team dynamics and inclusive behaviors. Our organizational assessment helps organizations develop a comprehensive strategy for the development of an inclusive organization.
  • Accountable and invested leaders: In our programming, leaders make commitments to inclusion as individuals and as leaders. Executive coaching gives leaders the tools they need to continue their journey as inclusive leaders. In person and virtual offerings help leaders get the learning they need in ways that are engaging and impactful.
  • A solution designed for your organization: Our solution keeps scalability and context in mind. Leadership programming includes learning scenarios that can integrate into the context of your organization. Keynotes can be customized to deliver our Redesigning Inclusion content within your organizational context. Programming can reach all levels of leadership and the workforce.

Redesigning Inclusion is based on Linkage’s research on inclusion and years of experience working with leading organizations.

Organizations which rely on the Redesigning Inclusion Signature Solution are:

  • Ready for a new, human-centered approach to DEI that is focused on meeting leaders and employees where they are and supporting a positive vision for inclusion
  • Looking to use data to inform DEI strategy
  • Looking to supplement an existing DEI program or goal with engaging content and programming
  • Interested in giving leaders the tools they need to lead inclusively
  • Focused on retention of high-potential and rising people managers through development and differentiated experiences

Why should organizations embrace a new approach to DEI? When it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, the status quo simply isn’t working. Organizations in the United States spent nearly $7.5 billion on DEI-related efforts in 2020, a figure that is projected to more than double to $15.4 billion by 2026**. And yet, the results simply aren’t there: while almost two-thirds of organizations (65%) say DE&I is a high strategic priority, 67% say their organization is, at best, only somewhat successful at creating a workplace that is diverse, equitable and inclusive.***

**PR Newswire, 2021
***Harvard Business Review Analytic Services (HBR-AS) and SHRM, 2021



ESTABLISH benchmarks and strategies to develop inclusive leaders across your organization.

Inclusive Organization Assessment
Equip your organization with the critical benchmark data and leading indicators needed to develop a comprehensive strategy to build an inclusive organization.
Inclusive Leader 360° Assessment
Empower your leaders with data to improve how they engage their teams, lead across difference and become role models of inclusive leadership through this diagnostic 360° assessment.

EQUIP your leaders and employees with experiences that elevate their capabilities in the areas associated with inclusion.

Face-to-Face or Digital
REDESIGNING INCLUSION: Becoming an Inclusion Champion for Leaders
Designed to equip leaders with actionable tools they need to lead inclusively and foster cultures of inclusion. Offered face-to-face or virtually.
Face-to-Face or Digital
REDESIGNING INCLUSION: Becoming an Inclusion Champion for the Workforce
Empower your workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to champion inclusion within your organization. Offered face-to-face or virtually.
Face-to-Face or Digital
Leading Superpowers & Symphony: The Heart of Inclusion
Empower leaders at your organization to become change agents and lead with heart to bring about inclusion in your organization.
Virtual Learning
Redesigning Inclusion: Superpowers & Symphony Workforce Essentials
A self-paced, digital learning program designed to equip your employees with key tools, a better understanding and a new language around inclusion.
Face-to-Face or Digital
Purposeful Leadership®: Leading Inclusively for Senior Leaders Program
A two-day learning experience designed to develop more effective and inclusive senior leaders. Offered face-to-face or virtually.

EXPAND your impact by building a culture of inclusion.

Keynote: Three Critical Levers to Creating an Inclusive Culture
Explore how leaders can make a tangible impact on the culture and create a new inclusive future at your organization.
Keynote: Reflecting on Allyship – How to Drive Meaningful Change
Explore allyship and identify actionable ways allies can serve as advocates for coworkers from minority and underrepresented groups in the workplace.
Face-to-Face or Digital
Executive Sponsorship
Provide executives with the skills and mindset to sponsor underrepresented leaders to enhance the leadership pipeline.

​Partner with Linkage to create a culture of inclusion at your organization.

Featured In


Inclusion Redesigned: Actionable Steps to Transform Your Leaders and Organizations

Jennifer McCollum, CEO of Linkage spoke at the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Digital Summit 2021 before a group of human resources and DE&I leaders. Watch the recording of her dynamic talk and Q&A session.



We provide interactive, reflective forums for executive-level leaders to develop the skills and strategies that will enable everyone to contribute authentically and fully, leading to measurable change.


We deliver actionable programming focused on building more inclusive, effective leaders, and we support the diverse leadership pipeline needed to improve business outcomes.


We understand that inclusion doesn’t begin and end with your leadership ranks, which is why we provide inclusion training designed to reach many levels of your organization.

I just finished a 3-part series and can honestly say that I am walking away feeling educated and energized to continue to improve my ability to develop and mentor with equity.

Joseph Simonetta Senior Director Warehouse Operations at NFI

Linkage’s programs have been a success at Lenovo for several year now, helping us build a more inclusive and future ready organization. The programs are designed to accelerate the development of talent from historically under-represented groups in the workplace. The success rate has been excellent and the participants’ feedback is outstanding. We appreciate the deep research that supports the learning experiences, their truly global minded and highly experienced facilitators and strong executive coaches, aligned to the flawless execution from the operations team.

Flavia Correa Moreira Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Lenovo

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