Redesigning Inclusion: Superpowers & Symphony


A new vision for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Welcome to a new tradition of inclusion as necessary action and your unique role as an agent of change. It’s time to engage in a new approach to create and sustain inclusive leaders and organizations.

Consider this: Diversity presumes that when we put a lot of difference in the room, everything works out. Inclusion presumes that the status quo needs to make room for “others” who have not been included historically. But, bringing in more difference or making room for “others” has not worked and is not working in most organizations.

At Linkage, we conducted research to answer two critical questions:

  1. Why is this not working?
  2. How can we create an opportunity for a different approach?

This inquiry led to new insights, new partnerships and our bold new solution for Inclusion Redesigned: Superpowers & Symphony.

Created by architect and futurist Oshoke Abalu, Superpowers & Symphony is an invitation to belong, where we recognize and cultivate each individual’s uniqueness as “Superpowers,” thereby unlocking Symphony, our greatest resource to achieve true inclusion in the workplace.

This solution can enhance your existing diversity, equity and inclusion programming or serve as a framework for a new diversity and inclusion strategy at your organization.

Despite spending $8 billion on diversity and inclusion initiatives in the US each year,* only 44% of employees agree that their executive team prioritizes inclusion and 8% believe that their organization is effective at it.**

Redesigning Inclusion: Superpowers & Symphony is backed by the latest research on inclusion in the workplace and our work with hundreds of leading organizations. Linkage’s Superpowers & Symphony Solution combines individual and organizational assessments and inclusion training for leaders and the broader workforce, along with engaging, immersive keynote sessions to introduce this new approach.

*McKinsey, 2017
**Linkage, 2019



Re-Language: Explore the invitation for a new language of Inclusion to create Symphony

Keynote: Three Critical Levers to Creating an Inclusive Culture
Explore how leaders can make a tangible impact on the culture and create a new inclusive future at your organization.
Keynote: Reflecting on Allyship – How to Drive Meaningful Change
Explore allyship and identify actionable ways allies can serve as advocates for coworkers of color in the workplace.

Re-Calibrate: Measure the current state of individual and organizational Symphony

Inclusive Organization Analysis
Equip your organization with the critical benchmark data and leading indicators needed to develop a comprehensive strategy to build an inclusive organization.
Inclusive Leader 360° Assessment
Empower your leaders with data to improve how they engage their teams, lead across difference and become role models of inclusive leadership through this diagnostic 360° assessment.

Re-Focus: Develop the Superpowers of your leaders, teams and organizations

Face-to-Face or Digital
Leading Superpowers & Symphony: The Heart of Inclusion
Empower leaders at your organization to become change agents and lead with heart to bring about inclusion in your organization
Virtual Learning
Redesigning Inclusion: Superpowers & Symphony Workforce Essentials
A self-paced, digital learning program designed to accomplish thisequipping your employees with key tools, a better understanding and a new language around inclusion.
Face-to-Face or Digital
Leading with a Mindset of Inclusion for Executives
Designed specifically for executive leaders, equip senior leadership with the knowledge and skills to create cultures of inclusion. Available 100% virtually or on-site at your organization.

Re-Unite: Expand and sustain Superpowers & Symphony in your organization

Broaden your impact to every level of your organizations and your community by signing the Superpowers & Symphony Pledge:

In the face of injustice and inequity, I hereby pledge to redesign inclusion as Symphony and to shift my focus from what separates us to what unites us.

I pledge to cultivate my uniqueness as my Superpowers, and to amplify the uniqueness and Superpowers of others. I am the solution.

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Featured In


Inclusion Redesigned: Actionable Steps to Transform Your Leaders and Organizations

Jennifer McCollum, CEO of Linkage spoke at the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Digital Summit 2021 before a group of human resources and DE&I leaders. Watch the recording of her dynamic talk and Q&A session.



We provide interactive, reflective forums for executive-level leaders to develop the skills and strategies that will enable everyone to contribute authentically and fully, leading to measurable change.


We deliver actionable programming focused on building more inclusive, effective leaders, and we support the diverse leadership pipeline needed to improve business outcomes.


We understand that inclusion doesn’t begin and end with your leadership ranks, which is why we provide inclusion training designed to reach many levels of your organization.

Linkage’s programs have been a success at Lenovo for several year now, helping us build a more inclusive and future ready organization. The programs are designed to accelerate the development of talent from historically under-represented groups in the workplace. The success rate has been excellent and the participants’ feedback is outstanding. We appreciate the deep research that supports the learning experiences, their truly global minded and highly experienced facilitators and strong executive coaches, aligned to the flawless execution from the operations team.

Flavia Correa Moreira Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Lenovo

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