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Purposeful Leadership®: Leading Inclusively for Senior Leaders Virtual Program

A virtual learning program designed to develop more effective and inclusive senior leaders.

Develop Effective, Inclusive Senior Leaders through a Convenient Online Format


Unlock the power of purpose and inclusion for your senior leaders—and enable them to become the most effective leaders they can be—all through a convenient, online learning experience.

Are you reaching your dispersed senior leaders and equipping them with the skills and tools they need to be more effective and lead inclusively?

Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership: Leading Inclusively for Senior Leaders Virtual Program is designed to develop more effective and inclusive senior leaders and is available in a 100% virtual format.

During this virtual program, senior leaders will discover the five Commitments of Purposeful Leadership, learn how each commitment creates and contributes to an inclusive organizational culture, and learn actions they can take to embed inclusion in their leadership practices.

Hosted virtually and led by an expert Linkage consultant, senior business leaders are guided through seven interactive and engaging online sessions. These sessions can be scheduled to meet the needs of your leaders and organization and can be paced to allow time for reflection and application in between sessions.

A Linkage consultant, trained in the latest online learning best practices, will foster collaboration in a safe learning environment for all business leaders in attendance. The virtual learning experience includes full class discussions, breakout rooms, case studies and team challenges designed to engage leaders fully as they tune in live from anywhere with an internet connection.

Interested in making this program available to leaders in-person at your organization? Purposeful Leadership: Leading Inclusively for Senior Leaders In-Person Program empowers organizations to reach their dispersed senior leaders through a convenient online format.

Program Outcomes

Leaders who participate in this program:

  • Are equipped with the essentials of the research-backed Purposeful Leadership Model—with the goal of becoming more effective and inclusive leaders
  • Understand the five Commitments of Purposeful Leadership and explore how inclusion applies to each commitment
  • Identify personal strengths and challenges through the Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment
  • Become more self-aware leaders, who can lead inclusively and with purpose
  • Learn how to better engage with and motivate their teams
  • Become more aware of the personal and organizational benefits of creating an inclusive culture
  • Demonstrate and practice skills and tools that will lead to more effective leadership and greater inclusion


Who is the program for?

  • Senior leaders (2–3 levels from CEO), managers of managers, high-potential managers


What’s Included

  • Access for up to 30 leaders for a virtual learning experience made available through Linkage’s platform or a platform of your choice
  • Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment, designed to help uncover leadership opportunities and strengths
  • Seven sessions (some 90 and some 120 minutes long), delivered by an expert Linkage facilitator, on purposeful and inclusive leadership practices
  • Actionable tools to empower senior leaders to collaborate with peers and lead their teams more effectively
  • Four, 1-hour preparation calls to help select and communicate with participants, and organize the logistics for a successful delivery


The Leading Inclusively for Senior Leaders Virtual Program brings senior leaders together through interactive, online sessions designed to drive impact. This isn’t your typical webinar program! Each session is delivered live by an expert Linkage facilitator trained in the latest online learning methods.

Module 1 — Purposeful Leadership and Inclusion

Participants begin by learning about the five Commitments of Purposeful Leadership. Next, participants explore inclusion and the role that inclusive leadership plays across the five commitments. Finally, the participants are led through the results of their Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment and begin to create a development plan for becoming more inclusive, purposeful and effective leaders.

Module 2 — Exploring the “Become” Commitment

The first commitment that participants explore in depth is the “Become” commitment. In this section, participants will learn about the importance of self-reflection, individual growth and how it will help them lead more inclusively. Participants will have ample time to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with this commitment. Finally, they will work through a case study that presents dilemmas within the Become commitment and inclusion.

Module 3 — Why Inclusion?

This module will set the tone and create the openness for participants to have a different conversation about inclusion. They will also learn some data around the benefits of inclusion and learn about the levers that have the biggest impact on creating an inclusive organization. Participants will also refer to their Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment report and look closer at their results from the Inclusion Scale to identify their personal opportunities to become more inclusive leaders.

Module 4 — Exploring the “Engage” Commitment and the “Inner Critic”

In this module, participants will learn about the Inner Critic and how to explore their biases from a place of Compassionate Center. They will learn some new tools which they can use to resolve conflicts and truly get to know others’ stories and unique strengths. Finally, they will learn how to recognize and address microaggressions and practice micro-affirmations to make others feel a sense of belonging.

Module 5 — | Championing Inclusion through the “Inspire” and “Achieve” Commitments

In this module, participants will learn the importance of both Uniqueness and Belonging in creating a culture of inclusion. Further, they will explore how to create an environment of safety and growth that fosters inclusion. They will then look at meeting culture in their own organization and discuss ways to make it more inclusive. Finally, they will learn the importance of developing and leveraging the unique skills and perspectives of everyone on their teams.

Module 6 — Exploring the “Innovate” Commitment

In this module, participants will learn about the important role inclusion plays on driving innovation within an organization. They will work through a case study about the benefits of diversity of thought and how it can lead to more innovation and success. Finally, participants will work on a small-group exercise where they will apply their learnings to a real-world scenario.

Module 7 — World Café and Commitment to Action

In this final module, participants will participate in a “World Café” where they reflect and discuss how each commitment relates to inclusion. In this exercise, participants will rotate to five different “cafés” to ponder and discuss a specific question related to a commitment and inclusion. Next, participants will spend some time on reflection and action planning—completing their development plans. Then, to conclude the program, we invite a guest speaker, an executive sponsor from within your organization, to share some closing thoughts and words with the group.

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I just finished a 3-part series and can honestly say that I am walking away feeling educated and energized to continue to improve my ability to develop and mentor with equity

Joseph Simonetta

Senior Director Warehouse Operations at NFI

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