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Open-Enrollment Workshops

Why Take Passive Training When You Can Have Active, Results-Based Learning?

When it comes to leadership training and professional development, you have a choice: you can sit in a classroom and listen or you can join the class and actively learn—we prefer the latter. In our open-enrollment, on-site and online interactive sessions, attendees not only listen, but truly learn in a manner that allows them to hit the ground running.

Each session is facilitated by one of our expert, in-house, full-time consultants. And our consultants don’t just teach: they’ve actually worked in their areas of expertise—on average for 15+ years in a real-world business setting. Paired with our 25+ years of research to develop proven methodologies and approaches, as well as the pragmatic and business-focused content, it’s easy to see why our programs are award winning and industry recognized.

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