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Leading Through Change & Transition

Two-thirds of change initiatives fail or have mixed results because of poor execution, lack of support and ineffective communication.*

The bottom-line is this: Productivity drops during times of change—to as low as 3.6 hours a day. If an average employee loses 1 hour of productivity a day, this alone can result in a 3 million-dollar loss for your organization.

From culture change to leadership transitions—to mergers and acquisitions—and everything in between, we know that change comes in many forms. It often impacts leaders across the organization at all levels—and is a constant challenge in today’s fast-paced, complex workforce.

In fact, 78% of organizations report having undergone some type of change in the last three years. And there is no end in sight—75% of executives surveyed expect the frequency of change to increase.*

Do you have a scalable and repeatable process to equip your talent to effectively drive change?

This is where we can help. Change works when we address the often overlooked human side of change—we refer to this as Transition Management. This thinking is grounded in the belief that we must approach change through the perspective of the employees who are going through it. Why? Because until people successfully transition from the old way to the new way, the change won’t happen successfully.

Here’s why this matters for your business: Managing Transitions can lessen your bottom-line impact. We partner with William Bridges Associates to bring you the Three-Phase Transition Model. This framework takes into account that each individual leader processes change at a different pace—and in a way that is unique to the individual.

It starts with Endings, which is characterized by letting go of the past, getting closure and saying goodbye. Next is the Neutral Zone—this is the in-between time characterized by everything from confusion to a clean slate. New Beginnings occur when renewal takes place—people feel like a part of the new chapter and are excited for what’s ahead.

Linkage’s Leading Through Change & Transition Solution is designed to equip all populations within your organization to effectively manage change. Perfect for HR or Organization Development professionals, our Train-the-Trainer program certifies participants to deliver two skill-building workshops which include a proven framework and a series of tools for successfully embracing and fostering the human side of change. ​

*Gartner, 2018.



Equip your talent with learning experiences that enable them to effectively lead through change and transition.

Individual Transition in Organizations
Offered in partnership with William Bridges Associates. Our half-day Individual Transition in Organizations program is designed to teach individuals from your organization how to handle the transitions caused by change with less disruption and distress, manage endings successfully, deal more effectively with constant change, and re-think their work lives to make them less vulnerable to workplace changes.​
Managing Organizational Transition
Offered in partnership with William Bridges Associates. Our Managing Organizational Transition program provides managers with the knowledge and skills to lead and coach people through change and transition, resulting in less disruption and increased productivity. 
Virtual Learning
Managing Organizational Transition Virtual Sessions
Equip individuals and teams with the skills and knowledge they need to deftly and effectively deal with and manage change and transition. In partnership with William Bridges and Associates.

Expand your effort by putting your facilitators in the driver’s seat with an innovative train-the-trainer program.

Leading Organizational Transition: Train-the-Trainer
Offered in partnership with William Bridges Associates. Perfect for human resource and organization development professionals, this three-day Train-the-Trainer program certifies participants to deliver two skill-building workshops to internal staff as needed.

​Partner with Linkage to make your next change initiative a success.

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As much as 80% of change efforts fail, not because of flawed strategy or process, but because of employee resistance to change.

Take this two-minute quiz to help you evaluate the readiness of your team to deal effectively with a current change.

Your partner to create successful change

We are proven.

​We are the exclusive provider of William Bridges’ Three-Phase Transition Model, a proven framework that has helped thousands of organizations achieve successful transformation over the last three decades.

We are people focused.

Our expert consultants are certified in the Bridges methodology and are ready to help you leverage your most important asset—your talent—through your most pressing change initiative.

We’re focused on results.

Our integrated approach is designed to equip your internal resources with the skill set to ready large populations in your organization to effectively deal with change, allowing you to focus on the business outcomes that matter.

This may not have been necessary 20 years ago, but I think Transition Management has to be a regular part of any company’s leadership training program.

Terri Hughes Director of Organizational Change, Albertson’s