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Your top 5 posts from March

April 3, 2015

The most-viewed blog post in March explores subjects that we all can relate to—stress, work, being too busy, and getting stuff done, etc. And the cool thing is our new “Blogger of the Month” Marty Jordan provides real insight on how calming down, being mindful, and taking time to think can make you a better leader. But the truth is all of the top 5 posts of the month can help you be a better leader.

1. Be still and be a better leader By Marty Jordan

“I was reminded of the importance of taking the time to ‘be still’ recently when teaching a class on emotional intelligence and after reading an excerpt of Pico Iyer’s new book, The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere. In the class we discussed the concept of practicing mindfulness (quieting the mind of all its chatter) as a way to learn how to effectively manage our emotions. Pico’s book reinforces the fact that our brains need quiet time and space to create.”

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2. What’s your life goal in 6 words? By Rita Buscher

“Twitter has been buzzing with people’s #6WordLifeGoal recently. And we think the question ‘What is your 6-word life goal?’ is actually quite profound. In fact, some of the answers we heard from our colleagues here at Linkage are downright inspiring. Here are some examples:

“Be balanced, kind, and family focused.” —Kelly Gruber, Office Manager

“Guide my family through all obstacles.” —Joe Sinopli, Senior Programming Project Manager

“Love, family, horizons expanding, travel, equity.” —Lauren Rodriguez, Consultant

“Help shape a fair, just world” —Dana Yonchak, Vice President of Marketing

“Love with action; live without regret.” —Rachael Marangu, Women in Leadership Institute Program Director”

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3. 12 steps to organizational change: a checklist By Mitchell Nash

“No matter what you do, or what industry you’re in, chances are that your organization either needs to change (due to growth, or poor performance, or to increase office space, etc.) or is about to change (due to an acquisition or merger, or a new CEO taking over, or to adapt to ever-changing markets, etc.). And while it’d be FOOLISH to try and stop change, there are things you can (actually, must) do to ensure that the change process goes smoothly and leads to positive outcomes.”

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4. A culture of inclusion starts at the top by Abri Holden and Charley Morrow

“Inclusive leadership can be a complicated topic. But it’s also one of the most important leadership challenges of our time that’s too important to ignore anymore. The good news is anyone can learn to be more inclusive. So, if you’re looking for a competitive advantage and ways to improve your organization’s bottom line (who isn’t these days), take our inclusive leadership quiz to see how you stack up.”

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5. Stop the self-sabotage! By Susan Brady

“The inner critic has two voices. One is the voice that criticizes others (if only they did…, if only he said…, she should really…). The other is the one we use to critique ourselves (you don’t…, you should…, you aren’t…). Our inner critic is rooted in both shame and grandiosity, we bounce between the two, and neither is helpful or more importantly, effective.”

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Those were the top 5 most-read stories of March. What do you want to learn more about in April? Please share your leadership questions below. We promise to answer as many as we can.

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