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Women Who Make America

March 6, 2013

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By Lisa Parker

The PBS documentary “Makers: Women Who Make America” is a fantastic history lesson about the advancements of women’s rights from the 1950’s through today. Having personally watched many of these struggles for rights unfold on TV as a young girl, it was fascinating to see what was going on in the hearts and minds of the major players. Many of the key decisions handed down by the courts were not necessarily the result of the better known activists but were instead due to the perseverance of average women who knew their rights were being compromised and who were willing to take a stand for themselves and other women like them.

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of this film was the difference in perceptions of the women’s movement based on the generation of the viewer. Baby Boomers could relive and retell many of the stories from their youth of how they were impacted in their personal and professional lives. Gen X daughters shared the challenges they had of not necessarily having the same level of drive or activism that their mothers had demonstrated in their youth and are currently trying to find a way to “have it all” at both home and at work. Gloria Steinem even stated: “You can have it all, but maybe not all at once.” Millenials, who have not experienced some of the same discrimination that their mothers or grandmothers experienced, see the film as an interesting history lesson, but without some of the same emotional connection.

So, let’s hear it: What does the “Women’s Movement” mean to you and what are the challenges you face as a female leader today?

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Lisa has extensive experience in leadership strategy, team building, organization development and assessments, and innovation process management. Her specialties are building innovation-capable organizations, team dynamics and communication, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, design thinking and change, transition management, and the creative process. Follow her on Twitter @Stratovationist.


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