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Women and Wal-Mart

September 22, 2011

From the Washington Post article, Wal-Mart pledges billions to aid women businesses, reporter  writes how the American public multinational corporation “will spend billions of dollars over the next five years to train female workers around the world and support women-owned businesses, the latest attempt by the world’s largest retailer to tackle broad social issues and shore up its image.”

Wal-Mart’s commitment includes $100 million in grants to non­profit groups focused on developing job skills for low-income women in the United States and for women who work in the overseas farms and factories that Wal-Mart relies on for its merchandise.

We know women are not advancing to leadership roles fast enough to meet the current and future needs of organizations in virtually every developed and developing country in the world. Over the next 12 years in the United States alone, 40% of leaders will leave the workforce. Smart organizations recognize that without an adequate supply of highly skilled, experienced women advancing into leadership, they will fail. Wal-Mart’s pledge to aid and improve business for women is a huge step for the chain corporation to improve its gender bias image that was created years ago due to the longstanding sex-discrimination lawsuit, alleging that the company not only paid women less than their male counterparts, but also passed them over for promotions.

There are critical competencies and skills that enable leaders to drive results; capabilities women leaders need to accelerate in organizations today. To learn more about these skills and competencies, click here>>

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