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What are the top 10 leadership trends of the future?

June 20, 2012

As you know, we, at Linkage are dedicated and passionate about developing leaders worldwide. Our mission is to connect high-performing leaders and organizations to the futures they want to create. Speaking of the future, see below for a list of our top ten predictions on how the face of leadership development will change:

  1. The managers of those targeted for development (at all levels) will be more actively involved (both through coaching and teaching) in the development of their direct reports – Leaders Teaching Leaders
  2. Leadership competency models will be more frequently revised and updated to reflect future leadership requirements that are tied to short and long-term business strategy.
  3. Detailed progression paths will track the jobs that lead to an accelerated acquisition of skills, knowledge, and leadership experiences and will be heavily utilized for leadership development.
  4. All high-potentials, senior managers, and current leaders will be encouraged to have Personal Boards, participate on local boards, and/or belong to professional networks.
  5. Experiential learning, use of simulations, action learning, metaphoric learning, and other non-traditional classroom-based education will have much greater prominence in program designs.
  6. Executive coaching will continue to grow at the senior leader level; internal coaching and mentoring will grow at the mid-manger level.
  7. The most valued development solutions will be just-in-time, right on target (i.e. high degree of in the moment relevance to my leadership challenge), and expert based (both external and internal experts and role model leaders).
  8. Most leadership development content will be available online in short, high powered modules.
  9. Only the most credible HR/LD practitioners will remain responsible for LD; in all other organizations responsibility will be “owned” by the line/business unit leaders.
  10. More and more LD best practices will emerge from the small to mid-size organizations that are successfully developing high quality leaders, but with limited financial investment required.

What are your predictions for the future of leadership?

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