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Top 5 posts of Q2 2015

June 30, 2015

We analyze and measure the success of our blog just as we measure the success of any leadership program we help our clients execute. We are always looking to improve, and seeing what the most-read stories are always provides clues. We also enjoy the friendly competition that goes on between our consultants (who are also our main contributors). So, we’re pleased to announce that Mitchell Nash wins the “Most-Read Post of the Quarter” award.

But what’s even more interesting about this recent top 5 list is that all of these stories demonstrate the powerful impact that the emotional elements of leadership can have on your organization. Without further adieu…

1. 12 steps to jump-starting your change initiative By Mitchell Nash

“No matter what you do, or what industry you’re in, chances are that your organization either needs to change (due to growth, or poor performance, or to increase office space, etc.), or is about to change (due to an acquisition or merger, or a new CEO taking over, or to adapt to ever-changing markets, etc.). And while it’d be FOOLISH to try and stop change, there are things you can (actually, must) do to ensure that the change process goes smoothly and leads to positive outcomes.”

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2. Presence matters By Bill Springer

“We’ve all met people (often leaders) who just seem to have that special something that distinguishes them from the crowd. And oftentimes that special something is simply…leadership presence. They look and act, and even feel confident, competent, powerful, and self-assured. They look like leaders.”

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3. IQ gets you hired. Emotional intelligence gets you promoted by Marty Jordan

“I was recently coaching a leader who had the potential to do great things. I’m sure you know this type of person—smart, quick, articulate, and out to prove he is the smartest person in the room. All that was missing was a little thing called emotional intelligence. And that ‘little’ thing was holding him back.”

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4. Be still and be a better leader by Marty Jordan

“I was reminded of the importance of taking the time to ‘be still’ recently when teaching a class on emotional intelligence and after reading an excerpt of Pico Iyer’s new book, The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere. In the class we discussed the concept of practicing mindfulness (quieting the mind of all its chatter) as a way to learn how to effectively manage our emotions. Pico’s book reinforces the fact that our brains need quiet time and space to create. Just reading the book will quiet your mind.”

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5. What’s Your Life Goal in 6 words?

“Twitter has been buzzing with people’s #6WordLifeGoal recently. And while some in the Twittersphere aspire to promote animal rescue, others want to travel more, or spend more time with family. Still others hope to ‘change the world’ by reuniting boy band One Direction with their recently parted brother, Zayn Malik!

But the question ‘What is your 6-word life goal?’ is actually quite profound. In fact, some of the answers we heard from our colleagues here at Linkage are downright inspiring.”


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