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Top 5 Linkage blog posts from Q1

April 26, 2013

We’re always looking for new ways to provide useful information that will help our readers be better leaders, and we’re encouraged to see the following list of our top five most popular posts in Q1 do just that. But we’re also rigorously opposed to resting on our laurels, and we need to hear from you to see where we can improve.

So, check out the following insights from Linkage consultants and faculty members that touch on everything from the power of body language, to the potential pitfalls of working in a matrix, and then let us know what leadership issues/challenges you’d like us to explain next!

#1  What is your body language saying about you? (video)

What if you could boost your confidence and be a better leader by simply altering your posture and the way you carry yourself? Amy Cuddy, Harvard Associate Professor, social psychologist, and Linkage faculty member shows us how.

#2 Four tips to prevent burnout

We all know that working in an ultra competitive business environment can lead to burn out, stress-related illnesses, work dissatisfaction, and increased turnover. So, as a leader, it’s critical to create and maintain a healthy and sustainable work environment. The best results come from the leaders who strike the right balance between pushing for results and relieving the pressure.

#3 Three lethal leadership blind spots

According to Linkage Thought Leader Series presenter Dave Logan, you’ve got to watch out for “lethal leadership blindness.”

#4 Gender bender-a collision of stereotypes

Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute Director Abri Brickner  asks: ‘What shifts need to happen for true equality in America?” and “Could more gender equality for men actually help provide better opportunities for women?”

# 5 Surviving and thriving in a matrix

As Principal Consultant Mark Hannum explains: “A matrix is a form of organization and also a form of management. Basically, a matrix brings different types of functional and business expertise together and typically these experts report to multiple authorities.”

Here’s your chance to ask the experts. Share the leadership questions you’d like us to answer in Q2 in the comments box below.

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