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Top 5 leadership posts of the month

August 1, 2013

Our most popular posts in July are all about time management, millennials, and change:

1. Are you smart about your time? – “All too often, working hours (and sometimes even non-working hours) are consumed by routine tasks. Finding time to develop your own leadership skills and keep your team motivated keeps getting pushed further and further down the list.” Adam Rothberg shares time-saving tips.

2. Less doing, more leading – Adam Rothberg writes, “It’s critical for emerging leaders to understand that every passage along the leadership lifecycle requires a reallocation of time and attention from completing specific tasks to higher-level leadership, management, and strategic goals.” He also provides a time-management tool.

3. Label things, not people (part two….) – “The problem with labeling, mind reading, and defining others is the incorrect assumption that the relationship between yourself and the organization shouldn’t change,” writes Mark Hannum. “This is exactly the opposite of how a systems thinker approaches the issue.”

4. Millennial women: Lacking ambition or different priorities? – “Millennials are often unfairly stereotyped as ‘lazy’ and ‘entitled,’ writes Abri Brickner. “And it’s perhaps because I’m a millennial myself that I’m taken aback by the vast difference between generations and skeptical about the stereotypes placed on me and my peers.”

5. What J. C. Penney can teach us about change management – Mitchell Nash writes, “How often have we seen and heard about a new leader coming to an organization and implementing a new strategy? And how often do we see that they don’t achieve what they had hoped for? More often than not.”



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