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Top 5 blog posts of Q2

June 28, 2013

By the Linkage Editorial Team

We’re committed to developing leaders worldwide and publishing insightful information you can use to be a better leader on this blog.

And apparently, you want to know what makes a great executive coach, and what having a best friend at work says about employee engagement, and what characteristics a change capable leader needs (among many other things).

Without further ado, here’s the list of our top 5 most popular posts from Q2.

#1. 11 elements of great executive coaching

David Vaughn, the leader of Linkage’s Coaching practice, identified 11 essential elements that every executive coach must have to be great (not just good). They’re built on the foundational belief that every coach has the responsibility to give every assignment that they take on their best effort because consistent best effort leads to great performance. View blog post>>

#2. Study says women leaders need to stop smiling. Huh?

When it comes to stereotypical research, Abri Brickner, Director of Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute thinks it’s helpful to learn about diverse populations, and worries that we do more damage by talking about our differences rather than leveraging them. She believes it’s time to stop the “feminine” vs. “masculine” talk and start re-defining what good leadership and teams look like. View blog post>>

#3. What does having a best friend at work say about employee engagement?

“The importance of employee engagement is somewhat new,” writes Linkage assessment expert Charley Morrow. “And many people are still trying to understand it. But, in many organizations, more time has been put into measuring engagement than understanding it.” View blog post>>

#4. 6 characteristics of a “change capable” leader

Linkage’s Change and Transition expert Mitchell Nash writes, “When it comes to helping companies manage change and transition, many firms focus on teaching leaders skills: making the business case for the change, mapping out a blueprint for how the change will happen, developing the communication plan, etc. But, we’ve found that any plan for managing organizational change that only focuses on these tactical elements of change, while ignoring the necessary emotional skills leaders need, is simply not enough.” View blog post>>

#5 Cultivating a culture of results (webinar recording)

Great leaders distinguish themselves by taking a disciplined approach to executing their plans and ensuring that the work gets done. Linkage consultant Adam Rothberg explains these culture-shaping leadership behaviors in this popular webinar. View blog post>>

And we DO take requests. So, if you have a specific question or leadership problem, share it with us in the comments box at the bottom of this page. We’ll answer every question we receive. Let’s hear it!

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