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The Future Belongs to the Learners: 10 Truths from #LinkageGILD

October 28, 2016

What an incredible week! 500 leaders from around the world convened for our 20th Global Institute for Leadership Development® in Palm Desert, CA, for five days of immersive learning facilitated by a faculty of 60 best-selling authors, thought leaders, coaches and international business leaders. Our participants were challenged with growing as leaders and with charting the next path in their leadership journey. There were so many moments that can be shared, but we’ve boiled it down to 10 statements and questions that make you really think about your responsibilities as a leader, both to yourself and to others.

1. The future belongs to the learners, not the knowers. Our 2016 Warren Bennis Award winner, Alan Webber, shared that questions are more powerful than answers. As leaders, we owe it to ourselves to keep an open mind and grow.

2. The ultimate challenge of leadership is self-leadership. Purpose guru and GILD co-chair, Richard Leider, reminded us that purpose is a practice; it is our choice. Make conscious moment-to-moment choices to lead your life. Here’s a 2-minute purpose practice to help you along.

3. Your authenticity is at the heart of your power. Carla Harris shared that no one knows how to be you better than you. People can sense authenticity and they gravitate toward it. They will listen to you with different ears and see you through a different lens.

4. You can’t put your knowledge and expertise in people. You can only develop what’s already there. Alan Fine told us that choosing what we focus on unlocks greatness and drives all human performance. Breakthroughs always happen when you change what you pay attention to.

5. Great leaders treat feelings as facts. Tim Sanders reminded us that the relationships we build with the individuals on our team influence our relationship with the team overall. Consistent, positive environments cause employees to be more engaged and innovative.

6. Are you playing genius or genius maker? Liz Wiseman advised us to leverage our knowledge and skills to amplify the capabilities of those around us. Challenge yourself to grow your multiplier tendencies.

7. Create an environment where diverse people want to be part of the solution. Tammy Erickson pointed out that everyone has a lens or perspective that was influenced by the environment around them. Find ways to celebrate these different lenses.

8. Great leaders share similar characteristics. Jim Collins listed them as humility, indomitable will, relentless ambition, drive and a ferocity that is channeled for the good outside of oneself.

9. Leadership is all about change and transformation. Dave Logan shared the five phases that affect organizational performance and innovation. Check out this 2-minute survey to assess your culture.

10. People are born as assets, not liabilities. Bill Strickland asserted when we judge someone at first sight or based on where they came from, we may miss the chance to see their full potential.

Which moment resonated most with you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Mark your calendars for 2017! Join us October 22-27 for your own GILD experience.

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