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Drum roll, please: Top 5 posts from 2017

January 29, 2018 Sarah Breigle

The beginning of the New Year is a time for reflection, collaboration and renewed focus as we dive into 2018. What accomplishments are you most proud of from last year? What are you most excited about this year? What fell off of your to-do list? What are your goals for the coming year?

For the editorial staff of our blog, it’s a time to take a look back and see what resonated with our readers, and how we can plan to better provide you with what you want to read. As it turns out, topics like purpose, coaching, and resilience were top-of-mind for you—so, without further ado, here are the top five stories of 2017:

  1. Leaders, take note!: Four must-have coaching questions
    If you don’t have answers for these four questions, then you have an opportunity to have conversations with members of your team. The true value is not just in the answers, but in the dialogue that results.
  2. Purposeful Leadership: What Differentiates Better Leaders?
    What sets great leaders apart? Our team shared some of our research findings in a webinar on Purposeful Leadership. Read on for a summary and a link to the recording.
  3. Not Sincerely, but Purposefully Yours.
    Great leadership is ours—to be, to follow, to find, to create. Our recent research has shed light on the five key commitments that great leaders purposefully make and keep. What we found was startling—leaders and leadership are not always truly successful by being strong or powerful.
  4. Are You a Resilient Leader?
    Resilience is critical to thriving in today’s ever-changing environment. As leaders, we must role-model these behaviors if we hope to have an innovative, engaged and adaptable culture. Here are a few ways to get started.
  5. Leaders Don’t Need Answers; They Just Need Great Questions
    We have all of the answers; that’s why we were promoted, right? Wrong. Leaders need to have great questions and live in a place of curiosity without judgement.
What topics resonated the most with you and what would you like to see more of in our blog? Share your thoughts with us below.

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