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Post Webinar Q&A with Ron Porter, Five Sure Fire Ways You Can Drive Innovation

July 11, 2011

In June, our own principal consultant Ron Porter delivered a webinar on the Five Sure Fire Ways You Can Drive Innovation. Participants learned a practical, step-by-step approach to the innovation process as well as how to successfully address common business challenges. Here are his responses to a couple questions that he didn’t have time to address in the live session:

Can even small organizations innovate?

Small organizations are great opportunities to innovate. In fact, I would argue that innovation could be a major differentiator in the marketplace for smaller organizations. They often do not have the internal barriers that many large organizations have that can stifle innovation. Smaller organizations tend to have a more entrepreneurial spirit which can also assist in being more innovative. In addition, smaller organizations tend to have a more collaborative spirit which can be used to drive innovative thinking.

How do you justify the resources necessary for innovation to senior management?

I think it depends on where innovation is as a priority with senior management. If it isn’t a priority, then a case needs to be made why innovation is important to the organization’s growth and success. If it is a priority, then I think you need to use that as a reminder and demonstrate what the additional resources will add to the innovation opportunity. In either case, it boils down to having an effective case for change. Some ideas to keep in mind when building a case for change:

  • How will the additional resources accomplish the innovation vision and process?
  • Why are the current resources not sufficient?
  • What will it cost to continue the current way/status quo?
  • What are the benefits to adding the additional resources to the innovation process?
  • What are the 3 specific things that you need?

If you are interested in hearing his presentation on  Five Sure Fire Ways You Can Drive Innovation, you can download it here>>

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