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Yes, Global 500 Women CEO Numbers Are Lackluster—But Other Hopeful Signs Point to a Brighter Future

In this six-part blog series, Linkage CEO Jennifer McCollum highlights new trends that will inspire women toward achieving gender equity in leadership, and shares practical insights on what organizations and individuals can do right now to impact progress.

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Ten Tips for Accelerating Your Team's Execution

Over time, individual teams and whole organizations establish a standard pace. This pace can easily become unnecessarily lethargic. The trick is to regulate the pace, keeping it as high as possible without provoking burn-out. Executing at a brisk pace keeps your team energetic and fresh. Here are ten acceleration strategies that can help you and your team pick up the pace.

Ten Questions with Golf Coach Hank Haney

GILD Program Director Jeremy Hill catches up with Tiger Woods’ former coach to get his thought on leadership, The Haney Project, and his upcoming appearance at the Global Institute for Leadership Development.

Download a Free Chapter from Warren Bennis' New Book

Warren Bennis is an acclaimed American scholar, author, and the world’s reigning expert on the field of leadership. He is widely regarded as the thought leader who defined what it means to be a leader. BusinessWeek has acknowledged Warren as one of the ten business school professors who had the greatest influence on business thinking in the last 50 years. This year, at the age of 85, Warren has finally created his own website, and we are thrilled to share an excerpt of his latest book, Still Surprised, A Memoir of a Life in Leadership.

Inspiring Leadership Effectiveness and Sustainable Performance

Managers doing performance reviews and trying to motivate a person to change and improve in the future are often committing the same act of “visionocide.” We are contributing to killing of people’s dreams and inhibiting their progress toward a more effective future. The source of the misdirected effort and less than desirable consequences lay in misunderstanding how people change.

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Speaking with Authority

The ability to speak confidently is one of the most marketable skills you can acquire. Organizations continually seek individuals who can sell products, present proposals, report findings, and explain ideas effectively. It’s no coincidence that more than 50 percent of Toastmasters clubs are in-house corporate or government groups.

Sending Out Your Best Silent Message

You make a statement about yourself even before you open your mouth. This is your “silent message,” and it can include everything from your posture to your positiveness. In short, it’s the way you carry yourself, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Such quiet signals profoundly affect people’s initial perception, or image, of you.

Evoking Trust, Placing Trust

The second of three excerpts from Have a Little Faith to illustrate the capability of evoking trust from others and placing trust in others to enable them to succeed.

An Open Letter to Bob Dudley, the New CEO of BP

An open letter to BP’s new CEO, offering some leadership tips to get BP back in the world’s good graces.

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