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Reflecting on One Year of Remote Work | Lessons in Leadership from Jennifer McCollum and Kristen Howe

Jennifer McCollum, CEO of Linkage, and Kristen Howe, Chief Product Officer, recently sat down for a reflection on the past year of remote work. Their big takeaways are relatable and serve as important reminders for leaders to continually acclimate to a new reality.

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Beyond Excited – An Olympian Perspective as Business Takes Its Rightful Place

People everywhere have tremendous desire for things to work out, and they are willing to act, but often cannot because of their mindset. In order to thrive in an era of continuous, systemic change, managing the collective mindset is the critical success factor for the ongoing shifts required in our organizations.

Two Days Left to Save $500 on the 2010 Global Institute for Leadership Development

Before you head out for hot dogs on this holiday weekend, think about the fact that without great leadership, we wouldn’t be celebrating the 4th of July.

Free Webinar Recording: Developing Leaders In Troubled Times – A Microsoft Case Study

Despite the challenging economic times, Microsoft maintained its commitment to developing their high potential leaders by…

One Week Left to Save $500 on the 2010 Global Institute for Leadership Development

This Friday is the last day to take advantage of the Early Enrollment discount and save $500.

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Obama and General McChrystal: A Leadership Lesson Learned the Hard Way

A great leader is one who treats not only those below him with respect, but those above him as well. As an example to those under your command, you inevitably demonstrate to your subordinates how they should treat you with your own behavior towards your boss.

Reaching the Summit (an excerpt from Nando Parrado’s "Miracle in the Andes")

Here is an excerpt from Nando Parrado’s book, Miracle in the Andes, a first-person account of true human desperation, elation, survival, grief, and love. Written thirty years after the 1972 plane crash of his Uruguayan rugby team and the 72-day tragic aftermath amongst the highest peaks of Argentina, Nando describes the moment he reaches the first summit, which took four days to climb.

The Story of the High Impact Leadership Model and the Development of the Leadership Assessment Instrument

The Leadership Assessment Instrument consistently predicts high performance and discriminates specifically in behaviors that impede success of lower performing leaders. It is now used by hundreds of organizations in over 50 countries. It has also proven to provide valuable information for leaders and leadership teams from entry level leaders to very senior leaders. This is an unusual and highly significant characteristic as it advances broader usage and application providing a wide range of opportunities for organizations of all sizes, regardless of the nature of the organization.

President Obama’s War on Oil through the High Impact Leadership Model

Obama could use some help from the High Impact Leadership Model (HILM) to illustrate his efforts and effectiveness as a leader. Let’s measure his efforts against the backdrop of a few competencies, responsibilities, and skills of the HILM, which is the result of an ongoing study by Linkage and Warren Bennis to identify a framework that differentiates superior leaders from average ones.

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