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Molly Fletcher’s Expert Advice at the Virtual Women in Leadership Institute | The 2020 Institute Concludes

Today, we conclude the 21st annual Women in Leadership Institute—and the first-ever 100% virtual Institute. What a week it has been! Let’s dive into insights from trailblazing sports agent, Molly Fletcher, who helped us close out this extraordinary week.

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Inspiring Leadership Effectiveness and Sustainable Performance

Managers doing performance reviews and trying to motivate a person to change and improve in the future are often committing the same act of “visionocide.” We are contributing to killing of people’s dreams and inhibiting their progress toward a more effective future. The source of the misdirected effort and less than desirable consequences lay in misunderstanding how people change.

Speaking with Authority

The ability to speak confidently is one of the most marketable skills you can acquire. Organizations continually seek individuals who can sell products, present proposals, report findings, and explain ideas effectively. It’s no coincidence that more than 50 percent of Toastmasters clubs are in-house corporate or government groups.

Sending Out Your Best Silent Message

You make a statement about yourself even before you open your mouth. This is your “silent message,” and it can include everything from your posture to your positiveness. In short, it’s the way you carry yourself, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Such quiet signals profoundly affect people’s initial perception, or image, of you.

Evoking Trust, Placing Trust

The second of three excerpts from Have a Little Faith to illustrate the capability of evoking trust from others and placing trust in others to enable them to succeed.

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An Open Letter to Bob Dudley, the New CEO of BP

An open letter to BP’s new CEO, offering some leadership tips to get BP back in the world’s good graces.

A Leadership Lesson from Steve Jobs of Apple: Even the Best Aren't Perfect

There is a reason Fortune magazine has ranked Apple the Most Admired Company in the world for three years in a row, and Steve Jobs illustrated it last week. The CEO of a Fortune 100 company stopped short his vacation to address a media frenzy and consumer concern that reached the front pages of newspapers around the world

Get Some Charisma! Free Webinar with Dr. Tony Alessandra, Author of The Platinum Rule

If you’re like most people, you probably assume that charisma is one of those things: either you’ve got it or you don’t. Not so, says Dr. Tony Alessandra, and we’ve convinced him to share his secrets with you.

Charisma: What is it? What will it do for you?

Charisma is the ability to influence others positively by connecting with them physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Popular wisdom to the contrary, charisma is not in your genes-and it’s not beyond your grasp.

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