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Molly Fletcher Shares What to Do When Your Motivation Fails

January 15, 2021 Deana LaFauci

New year, new you. As we kick off 2021, many leaders are setting new goals and resolutions—personal and professional.  

But here’s the truth: Less than 25% of people stay committed to their resolution after just 30 days, and only 8% actually accomplish them 

What gives? How can we stay on track to succeed in 2021?  

“At the beginning of the year, we’re all motivated and excited,” explained Molly Fletcher, author of The Energy Clock: 3 Simple Steps to Create a Life Full of ENERGY—and Live Your Best Every Day. “But we need discipline. We need bite-sized, daily rituals, so we can keep moving when we’re struggling with motivation.”

Dubbed “the Female Jerry Maguire,” Molly’s success as a powerful woman leader in a male-dominated, super-competitive field has equipped her with strategies to keep her focused and succeed. 

How can we re-motivate ourselves to stay on track in 2021? Consider these tips from Molly Fletcher: 

1. Keep it simple.

“The brain doesn’t like change, so you will bump up against resistance. Expect it, but prepare for it now,” explains Molly. That means making it as easy as possible to achieve your goal. Think about ways you can make your resolution easier. If your goal is to read more in 2021, then pick 12 books now and place one by your bedside table. If your goal is to set aside time to reflect now, pick out a new journal or app to store your thoughts. Make it easy to establish new habits by removing barriers.  

2. Schedule your goals onto your calendar.  

You will never prioritize your goals if you don’t set aside meaningful time each day to tackle them. In 2020, many of us acclimated to remote work for the first time, adjusting our schedules to meet new virtual demands—but we may have left some of our personal and professional goals behind during this transition. Think of 2021 as an opportunity to reset your calendar with your personal and professional goals in mind. Whether your goal is to actively mentor or sponsor young professionals at your organization or simply to take a healthy walk each afternoon, your calendar alerts can motivate you to act. The simple act of scheduling your goal can also activate a mindset shift, allowing you to access new energy 

3. Don’t go it alone.  

Setting a goal can be intimidating, and during a time of remote work, it can also feel isolating to tackle something new or challenging alone. So, don’t go it alone! Molly recommends identifying a friend or coworker to share your goal with. Ask them to go on this journey with you—and hold each other accountable along the way.

4. Visualize the benefits of your commitment.  

How do you feel when you succeed in your goal? Pretty great—and that reward benefit can help motivate us to continue a commitment until we’ve created a new healthy habit. Molly recommends writing in your notes app on your phone the way you feel when you complete a goal. “Create a vivid vision of the benefits and of the new reality you’re creating for yourself,” said Molly. “When the motivation fades, you can lean into that and re-energize.” 

We all have the ability to create rituals and resources to keep our 2021 goals front and center. With Molly’s tips for motivation, we can accomplish these resolutions in 2021! 

Molly Fletcher returns to Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute on November 2–5, 2021. Learn more about this transformative leadership development experience for women leaders.

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