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Meet Roger Nierenberg, the creative force for innovation and author at GILD

July 27, 2011
“In bringing forth an innovative idea, trust that if you continue to communicate, you will bring people along.”
– Roger Nierenberg

After a distinguished career at the helm of two American orchestras, Roger Nierenberg has emerged as a creative force for innovation in the presentation of symphonic music.

What Is The Music Paradigm?

According to the themusicparadigm.comThe Music Paradigm uses a symphony orchestra as a metaphor for any dynamic organization, particularly one dealing with a period of exceptional challenge or change. The session is a high-impact learning experience, a powerful personal and team journey, and exciting instructional entertainment.

Some of the more common possible benefits include:

  • Reinforcement of key strategic messages
  • Examining and developing leadership skills and approaches
  • Building momentum for addressing critical issues through a shared experience
  • Clarifying strategies that may seem too vague or complex
  • Providing executives with a safe environment for rethinking their assumptions and behaviors

The session provides a highly memorable group experience that generates fresh insights long after the meeting is over, and lessons that become part of the organization’s dialogue and culture.

Roger Nierenberg


On October 9, Nierenberg will lead the systems thinking session at Linkage’s Global Institute for Leadership Development (GILD). Join us this October in Palm Desert to learn from Nierenberg and other thought leaders on how to leverage your influence and maximize performance.




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